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Fee and withdraws – https://t.me/daisyelevation/83

Rewards only tier 2 and up?

  1. Is there a referral plan? If so, how does it work? How are we rewarded?
  2. Please explain exactly the timeline and workflow of the investment. 
    1. What happens to the initial capital? This is a keypoint that has never been able to find. Let’s say we reinvest everything and never withdraw. How can we recover those funds later? What are we funding really if we don’t know the outcome of the fund in the future.

When will Endotech go public?

What must happen to endotech to go public?

What happens when it does?

What is Endotech?…

How does it relate to DAISY?…

Who is behind Endotech?…

What are we actually crowdfunding?…

Is the Endotech crypto trading real?…

What trading strategies do they use?…

What is the performance of their trading bots?…

How do we know our funds are safe and protected?…

Answers: https://vimeo.com/505391667/31bc4bd36f

DAISY ENDOTECH Official presentation:


What DAISY means?

What is Daisy?


What is the relation between DAISY and Endotech? Why are there 2 separate institutions?

What is Liquid NFT? http://www.liquidnft.club

How To Join DAISY: https://elevationassets.io/stream-1 

DAISY Signup Link: http://daisy.global/r/elevation 

DAISY Explained In 2 Minutes: https://vimeo.com/492139621/b66419f49f 

Endotech Review: https://vimeo.com/otc/endotech-review 

Endotech Trading Performance: https://endotech.io/portfolio https://t.me/endotech 

DAISY AI White Paper: http://bit.ly/daisy-white-paper 

GOT QUESTIONS? NEED HELP?… Send me a private message: https://t.me/brenblaze 

What is the average returns for Forex trading AI system?

What is the average returns for the Crypto trading Ai system?

History of the project DAISY Project with links?

  • January 10, 2021 Daisy Launched
  • Technical issues with funding platform
  • January 20, Daisy Re-opening

History of endotech.

Q. After Endotech goes public will we continue to be able to purchase tiers as we do now through Daisy? Could you elaborate when it converts to a private hedge fund are we considered new investors?

  1. While we do not know for absolute certainty what the trading fund will look like for us once endotech goes public, we do know that the Founders are working on it. Bren and I had a discussion on this point directly with 1 of the Founders. We are not able to reveal the details of what he shared although we can share that the vision is an infrastructure that will enable us to still have our funds trading if we choose.
  2. It will look similar to a private hedge fund once the crowdfunding target has been reached. New investors will not receive equity in Endotech and eventually the doors will close to new investors.
  3. We actually do not know for certain yet. We will certainly update you as we do though. As I mentioned earlier we did have a discussion with one of the Founders on this topic and he asked that we not share what they are working on. 
  4. What we do know is that there is a long term future vision for the fund that is actively being solidified for the best possible scenario for all of us involved.

What is the complete list of people behind Daisy and Endotech?

Jeremy Roma

Anna Becker


What is endotech:


Is Endotech a separate entity of DAISY. 

Glitches on the withdraw button??? Really. This seems like a you know… scam… Just saying

What are the official websites?

Where is the official information of the DAISY project and documentation?

How can we withdraw money from monthly profits?


Official Daisy Channel – https://t.me/daisy_global

Official Announcements Channel – https://t.me/DaisyAnnouncements

Official Token Community Group – https://t.me/daisy_family

Official Daisy Crowd Group – https://t.me/daisy_crowd_fund

YouTube – https://youtube.com/channel/UCKBM2iS3BcXHPJuktZ-Ltzg

Daisy Crowd: https://daisycrowd.com/

Daisy Website: https://daisy.global/

DAISY Token: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/daisy-launch-pad/

How to join daisy and buy tiers:



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