Best Personal Loan: How To Get $35k Instant Personal Loan With Bad Credit? Instant Personal Loan!


Hey, what’s up, guys? Houston here, and for those of you just finding my YouTube channel, welcome! Please remember to hit that subscribe button and the bell. And for those of you who have been following and supporting me, as always, salute! In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about how you can possibly get over a $35,000 personal loan with no proof of income. We’ll be breaking down the steps necessary for you to make this happen. Many people wonder how some individuals manage to secure more funding on a personal loan than they do. So, let’s dive in and understand what it takes to achieve this feat.

Understanding the Lenders and Credit Bureaus

When it comes to these lenders I’ll be discussing, it’s important to note that they may not pull your regular FICO score from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Instead, they rely on their own third-party companies. It’s crucial to understand these systems as they play a significant role in determining your loan eligibility. Here are the third-party companies owned by the credit bureaus:

  1. Clarity – owned by Experian.
  2. CoreLogic.
  3. Teletrack.
  4. DataX – owned by Equifax.
  5. FactorTrust – owned by TransUnion.

While these lenders may not pull your FICO score, they still access your financial data from these third-party companies. Therefore, even if you don’t see an inquiry on your regular credit report, they may still have checked these systems to assess your qualification.

Exploring the Lenders

Now, let’s discuss some of the lenders who offer personal loans without requiring proof of income:

  1. VA Financial: If you’re a veteran and have faced challenges in securing funding, VA Financial offers loans up to $40,000, even with bad credit. This lender is specifically geared towards veterans.
  2. Universal Credit: This company offers personal loans up to $50,000, even with bad credit. If you’ve had experience with them, I’d love to hear about your personal experience in the comments.
  3. You can find more information and possibly apply for loans up to $35,000 through this platform. I’ll provide a link below for you to check it out.
  4. 5KFunds: While I don’t have much information about this lender, they may be willing to work with individuals who have challenging credit and can demonstrate their ability to make payments. They offer loans ranging from $100 to $35,000.

Understanding the Different Levels of No Proof of Income

When lenders talk about “no proof of income,” it’s important to know that there are different levels within this category. Let’s break down these levels and understand how you can benefit from each:

  1. Stated Income, Stated Assets: This category applies to individuals who don’t have personal income but rely on their business’s generated income. For example, entrepreneurs living off their business’s earnings fall under this category. When lenders ask for stated income and assets, they typically want to see around 12 months of bank statements to assess your financial situation.
  2. Stated Income: If you work as a waiter or in a similar role where you receive tips and gratuities, you can still show income by providing your bank statements as proof.
  3. No Income, Verified Assets: If you’re self-employed or work as an independent contractor, your income may fluctuate. In such cases, lenders may ask for additional documents, such as 1099 forms, profit and loss statements, or records of transactions made through platforms like PayPal or Square.
  4. No Income, No Assets: Seasonal workers, retirees, or individuals who rely on non-traditional sources of income, like rental income or investment returns, fall under this category. If you’re retired and depend on your 401(k) or annuities, or earn income from renting a property, these can be considered as verified assets, even if they don’t fit the traditional employee income model.

Exploring Additional Lenders and Options

Here are a few more lenders and options you can consider:

  1. Avant: Avant offers loans ranging from $2,000 to $35,000. They can be a viable option for individuals with challenging credit.
  2. LendingPoint: With LendingPoint, you can apply for loans from $2,000 to $36,500.
  3. Upstart: Upstart provides loans starting from $1,000 up to $50,000. They consider factors beyond credit scores when assessing loan eligibility.

Exploring Title Loans

If you’re looking for a loan and own a vehicle, you can explore title loans. These loans allow you to borrow up to 30% of your car’s equity. While the terms may vary, many lenders are willing to provide loans based on the value of your vehicle.


Don’t be disheartened if you’re struggling to prove your income or facing challenges due to bad credit. There are alternative lenders in the market who focus on individuals like you. By understanding the different levels of no proof of income and exploring the lenders mentioned, you increase your chances of securing the funding you need. Before applying to any lender, it’s advisable to pull your credit reports from the third-party companies mentioned earlier to ensure accurate information. Remember, these lenders concentrate on different factors beyond traditional income verification, opening up opportunities for you to access capital.

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