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Hey, what’s up guys houston here, look. Would you like to get at least three to four trade lines: primary trade lines, not authorized user primary trade lines on your credit with one hard inquiry? Okay, if that’s you, then this video is definitely going to help you, because I’m talking about how you can use this credit union dcu digital credit union all right to three to four trade lines on your credit file with one hard pull now understanding. How do you even join dcu? Well, the way you join, you can join through the reach out for school program, and I think it’s maybe about ten dollars to join that program.

Now here’s the thing about it that I like about dcu, they do offer business accounts and business credit cards, and I always tell you guys, when you’re joining a credit union, try to see if you joining the correct, see if you can join a credit union that Offers not only personal accounts for business accounts and dcu definitely fits that criteria. Now. Here’s the other thing about it, with dcu you’re able to do softball. That’s right like say that you want to say: if you qualify for a credit card or a loan, they offer soft pools on the application.

So that’s very good now who do they pull? Well? These see you they pull equifax five okay on the mortgage, so for those of you that have no idea where the equifax five uh fico score is click the link in the description and get your real credit file. If you want to schedule a oneonone consultation – and I can go over that with you – okay and show you how to actually leverage each of your credit files so that you can get the maximum amount of funding, that being said, here’s the thing about it. They offer credit builders right, so they offer credit builders now they’re credit builders go from 500 up to 3 000 on the credit builder, but they also offer secured credit cards as well. If you are a member of dcu for up to six months up to six months, they will give you a no credit pull loan, a no credit for a loan from 200 up to 2 thousand.

Now here’s where the magic happens say that you’ve been with them. You get the two thousand dollars with no hard pull right. It’s called a quick loan by the way now with this two thousand dollars.

If I would you I would take that money, I would put the money in the credit builder and in the secured card. So now you have three trade lines right now: here’s the thing about it, using those trade lines for at least six months, and I would always tell you guys, make sure that you try to keep your percentage usage rate under 10. So that way, you can get the maximum amount of benefits from from these three accounts and another reason you want multiple accounts like this on your credit file.

One is that it’s going to balance out the file, because a lot of people that have challenging credit. What happens? Is they just start applying for uh credit cards right? I got ta get credit cards got to get credit cards, but they don’t realize that ten percent of your file. You have to have some type of loan.

If you don’t have some type of loan, you don’t your your file is off balance. Okay, so this satisfies not only with the secured card, but also satisfied with the loan to help you build up. Your credit help stabilize the file all right and again for every negative item that you actually have on your credit file. I always tell you should have at least two excuse me two to three trade lines uh to make up for that one negative trade line.

Anyway, all right, this is the reason that, like I said, if you have bad credit, then this may be one of the better credit unions all right. This is even before you start looking to try to apply for like their regular credit cards or something like that. Picking up the file is what you want to do now, another way for you to thicken up the file. If you uh have like a rent payments and stuff like that, taking that secured card hook it up with plastic and, if you’re, paying like with a money order or you’re paying cash for your rent, what you want to do you want to stop that? Okay, sign up with plastic plastiqcom hook your debit card up.

Excuse me, your secured credit card up to that then put the money for your rent on the secure credit card. That plastic sent out the check. That way, you start having a paper trail and so now you’re able to actually have that information picked up, so it can report on your credit file now.

Why is this important? The reason that’s important is because it’s not only going to help build up your credit, but it also puts you in a better position to get a mortgage. A lot of people and these days are paying a thousand fifteen hundred two thousand dollars in rent. But they’re. Not getting any credit for it, so if you actually show that, for at least a year to two years of onetime payments of rent payments now – and there are companies that can back age uh, your credit file help you age, your credit file by actually paying uh, Showing rent payments on it or whatever, what it does is help you qualify for the uh fha mortgages all right and by the way for those of you that are interested in the fha mortgage.

They just change of the game because now they’re letting people have 40year mortgages, that’s right so no longer! Well, I wouldn’t say it no longer, but if you need to have a longer mortgage up to an extra 10 years from the 30 to the 40, now fha is willing to do that. Also with the new fha again helping, you build your credit fha when they do uh mortgages and stuff like that to help you qualify now they pull your uh vantage forward. Now, with most banks, uh, like your major banks like uh chase bank, like they will give you a vantage three score right and I keep telling you all, like with credit karma uh companies that offer vantage 3, do not rely on those with your mortgage scores.

What uh vantage four does it actually shows what the activity cost to start, counting in rent payments utility payments, things of that nature? Also, they pull your fico tnt your tnt. That t stands for, but trending. So what it does? It looks at the the actual data.

That’s been happening on your credit file for the past two years, all right now, I know for some of you all you may not have heard of that. So didn’t even think that you’re able to qualify for a mortgage this easy it actually is. That’s the reason you want to build up your credit now going back in reference to if you’re, trying to get by you having those three trade lines, reporting plus you having your rent payments, you can also have your utility payments uh showing up.

You can sign up with experian boost. You can sign up with grow credit, so if you have subscriptions like netflix, hulu, spotify and stuff like that, there are companies that will report those subscriptions on your credit file left at first as well. Now, if you also looking for some primary unsecured credit cards – and you have challenge and credit, you may want to look at the credit dot ai, they give you 1500.

As long as you can show uh deposits into your account, you have a ipod apply, will give you a thousand dollars and please understand, like without fi and uh credit ai. They may not go nationwide, okay, but I think alpha goes up to at least 37 states or something like that. But the thing about it is being able to get the unsecured credit cards as well.

So, with opply gives you a thousand dollar credit card and then good on time, payments uh after six months, they double it to two thousand dollars. Okay, so now that’s going to give you five primary trade lines to help you balance out your file and if you manage the accounts to wear, you shouldn’t have a problem with getting your credit score back over that 740 to 780 credit score all right now, if You have any other questions about business, credit funding, personal credit funding, click, the link in the description schedule, oneonone consultation. Thank you.

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